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Riccardo Mori » Drop support, but leave old versions around

Riccardo Mori commenting on Brent Simmons post about Dropping Support for Older OS Releases

I don’t see any significant downsides in leaving older versions available for download. They can focus on perfecting their app for the most up-to-date audience, while leaving virtually no one behind.Riccardo Mori

I can think of many. Even though the developer may clearly state that only the latest version is supported, users will still attempt to engage the developer to get support. I’ve seen it on the support forums for some apps. I know from my involvement with a local Macintosh Users’s Group. Some of the members complain to me that they can’t get a fix for a bug in some piece of software they are still using on an old G4 running OS 9. OS 9!

I agree with Brent:

Yes, you will leave some small number of people behind. It’s worth the trade-off, though, because it’s your job to make the very best app you can make.