Patriot Media Rocks

My broadband internet provider, Patrio Media, provides an excellent service. The connection always appears responsive and never fails. Patriot Media claims 10Mbs download speeds but I have found that on average I obtain about 7-8Mb/s during heavy use times. On occasion the service is even faster than what is listed. Currently they provide two tiers of service: 10 Mb/s for $29.95 and 20Mb/s for $69.95 for customers who also use their cable service. Their is no contract lock in as their is with Verizon DSL, the only other choice in my area. Patriot Media also offers a bundled package called Triple Play that includes broadband, digital cable service, and internet telephone services starting at about $150 monthly. Similar services from Verizon would have cost me more and I would be locked into a 1 year contract.

Author: Khürt Williams

Khürt is a human, an information security pro, a casual photographer, a nature lover, and a lifelong learner who drinks beer.

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