Thought I was hacked

Had a bit of a scare this morning while reading my feeds. I clicked on a link to the a New York Times article and was presented with this message:

So my first thought was I clicked on the wrong link. I tried it again and got the same message. Now I was worried. Was my MacBook hacked? Was my router compromised. I switched from NewNewsReader to Safari was able to get to the Apple web site. I then did a Google search on Patriot Media and DNS and found an entry on forum. Apparently the cable company had an issue with DNS early this morning for a short period of time. I was able to reset my router and things are now fine.

Patriot Media Rocks

My broadband internet provider, Patrio Media, provides an excellent service. The connection always appears responsive and never fails. Patriot Media claims 10Mbs download speeds but I have found that on average I obtain about 7-8Mb/s during heavy use times. On occasion the service is even faster than what is listed. Currently they provide two tiers of service: 10 Mb/s for $29.95 and 20Mb/s for $69.95 for customers who also use their cable service. Their is no contract lock in as their is with Verizon DSL, the only other choice in my area. Patriot Media also offers a bundled package called Triple Play that includes broadband, digital cable service, and internet telephone services starting at about $150 monthly. Similar services from Verizon would have cost me more and I would be locked into a 1 year contract.

The dangers of an online only life

Dave Rosenberg writes in his InfoWorld blog about the downsides of an online only office life.  I too am experiencing something similar.  I cancelled my Verizon DSL on the same day I ordered broadband service from my cable provide, Patriot Media.  Verizon assured me that the DSL would be disconnected in 3-5 business days so I felt comfortable waiting a week for the cable guy.  Well, the day after cancelling Verizon DSL my DSL line was dead and two days later I am feeling the difficulties of an online life.

I have not checked my Google email or calendar in two days and I feel lost.

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