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Papua New Guinea

I brewed the last batch of the Tanzania Peaberry on Friday so Saturday morning I picked up a half pound of coffee from my Buy the Cup. This week ( will it last the week ) I am drinking Papua New Guinea. This was a very enjoyable cup. I like a light roast because I think it brings put the unique flavor of each coffee. I’ve also tweaked my brewing process. I’m using a new ration of 1000/64 mL of water for each gram of ground coffee. I also started paying attention to water temperature. Instead of pouring boiling water over the grinds I now wait until the water temperature is 93.3ºC (~200ºF). Today’s pot was brewed with 46g (~1.62oz) of ground Papua New Guinea and about 758mL (~25.6 oz) of water at 93.3ºC.

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