Rockaffe Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Coffee Name: Rockaffe Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Country: Ethiopia Roaster: Rockaffe Roast Date: Aug 5, 2019 Brew Date: Aug 6, 2019 Vitaliy Shakirov, the owner of the family-owned and operated a coffee shop, Buy the Cup, in Rocky Hill, has expanded his business operations by launching an online coffee store that offers his speciality roasts to the…

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ReAnimator Speciality Instant Coffee Ethiopia Siko

Ethiopia Siko (ReAnimator Coffee)

Tasting Notes: Floral, Melon, Sugary. Processed in collaboration with our friends at Swift Cup Coffee, with careful brewing practices and attention to detail paid throughout the freeze-drying.

After reading about ReAnimator Speciality Instant Coffee on Sprudge, I decided to try the Ethiopia Tadese Gemeda. This morning I made a cup after finishing my cup of coffee brewed in my Chemex from three-day-old beans I purchased earlier in the week from my local roaster. I expected ReAnimator Speciality Instant Coffee to taste better…

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Panther Coffee Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines

Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines from Panther Coffee (MistoBox)

The Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines was carefully roasted for you by Panther Coffee. This pulped natural coffee was sourced from the growing region of Carmo de Minas in Brazil and was produced by the Pereira Family at 1,200 meters. This coffee has notes of milk chocolate, a mild pleasant acidity and a rich, creamy body.

Country:BRAZIL Region:CARMO DE MINAS Altitude:1,200 METERS Variety:BOURBON Process:PULPED NATURAL Producer:FAMILIA PEREIRA Rating: 3 stars

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Week 13 - First Mug

Onyx Coffee Lab Guatemala El Limonar

Guatemala El Limonar from Onyx Coffee Lab (MistoBox )

The Guatemala El Limonar was carefully roasted for you by Onyx Coffee Lab. This honey processed coffee was grown by José Bernabé Martínez in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala between 1,850 meters above sea level. This is a stellar coffee, with fruit-forward juicy peach and raspberry, with delicate floral and black tea finish.

I don't like the sour fruit flavours of this South American coffee. Country: GUATEMALA Region: HUEHUETENANGO Altitude: 1,850 METERS Variety:BOURBON, CATURRA Process: HONEY PROCESSED Producer:JOSÉ BERNABÉ MARTÍNEZ

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