Lepanthes Telipogoniflora Orchid

This is a follow-up to my previous blog entry on my Lepanthes Telipogoniflora orchid.

When I published my previous blog post, the Lepanthes Telipogoniflora flower had partially bloomed. However, it has now fully opened, revealing its distinct parabolic shape. Interestingly, the colours of the flowers differ from my initial expectations. Instead of the vibrant red in online photos, they possess a lovely orange-brown hue. Nevertheless, they remain remarkably beautiful.

I employed focus bracketing techniques to capture this image, starting from the tip of the Lepanthes Telipogoniflora's stamens.

Author: Khürt Williams

I'm based in New Jersey, with my wife Bhavna. I love outdoor walks, craft beer, and writing about cybersecurity, nature, hiking, craft breweries, and bird photography. My writing style? Think unpredictable, and sometimes insightful, caffeinated squirrel.

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