Isolation Photo Project, Day 67

Today was another uneventful day. Work, lunch, work, dinner, work, Netflix, bed. Yet, my friend and I did accomplish something notable today. We finalised our plan to hold our 30th college reunion on a Zoom session. The best thing about a virtual meeting is that no one will see how out of shape I am.

Drew University College of Liberal Arts Class of 1990 Reunion
Drew University College of Liberal Arts Class of 1990 25th Reunion

My hair is longer than it has ever been in decades. Hopefully, the Wahl hair clippers that I ordered on will arrive tomorrow as expected. Whenever I go out or Facetime with a friend, I have hidden my nearly three inches of hair under one of several baseball caps. Today's choice was #44, the number of Mercedes AMG's Grand Prix winning Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton. I bought the hat earlier this year in anticipation of the 2020 season of Formula 1 Grand Prix races. This hat is the only F1 experience I'll have this year.

Over on Casual Photophile, Jeb Inge's witty review of his Nikon D700 had me in stitches.

Without meaning to sound trite, the terminology of digital imaging bores me to tears. Sensors, megapixels, processors, LCD screens – all these things are supremely uninteresting to me. Two people having a conversation about them is a better sleep aid than a cup of Chamomile tea spiked with Tylenol PM.

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Author: Khürt Williams

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2 thoughts on “Isolation Photo Project, Day 67”

  1. I laughed at that line in the D-700 review too!

    My 30th college reunion was last October. I didn't go. I went to a small engineering school; my graduating class was around 300. When I polled the old friends from my class and learned that maybe 2 of them were going, and even then they were tentative, I didn't see much point.

    1. Hi Jim, I went to three universities - Drew University (BA) in New Jersey, The Georgia Institute of Technology (BSEE) and the University of Michigan (MSEE, Ann Arbor). Graduating class at Drew was maybe 500 and ceremonies were held on the front lawn of the oldest building on campus because the building was nearly destroyed in a fire the previous year. The 25th C'90 reunion was well attended given our size. So I understand what you mean by small.

      Graduating class at Georgia Tech was so large that the university held the ceremonies in the football stadium. That was a sucky experience for my parents. I understand large too.

      University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School commencement was held in one room in a historic building on campus. My parents really enjoyed attending that one.

      I updated the blog post with a photo from the 2015 C'90 reunion.

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