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Film Photography

34 Year Old Kodak T-MAX Negatives

I was bored. There wasn't anything on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Apple TV or Hulu or HBO Max that I wanted to watch. To distract my mind from boredom I rummage throuugh a set of negatives from my early early college days with 35mm film photography. When I was in college, the chemistry for developing 35mm colour film was expensive. As a student on a limited budget, black and white photography was an attractive option. I had access to…

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Isolation Photo Project, Day 67

Today was another uneventful day. Work, lunch, work, dinner, work, Netflix, bed. Yet, my friend and I did accomplish something notable today. We finalised our plan to hold our 30th college reunion on a Zoom session. The best thing about a virtual meeting is that no one will see how out of shape I am. My hair is longer than it has ever been in decades. Hopefully, the Wahl hair clippers that I ordered on will arrive tomorrow as…

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