Instagrammers are sucking the life and soul out of travel | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett (the Guardian)

You might think social media would diversify the range of images we see, yet the most popular users operate according to a strict schema that takes full advantage of the relevant algorithms (creative, fascinating accounts are still there, but said algorithms make them harder to find). And it’s not just travel – it’s interiors, fashion, weddings, food, children. Social media encourages the memeification of human experience. Instead of diversity we see homogeneity. It’s extremely boring.

I have noticed that recently I have posted to my Instagram account about once a month. I hardly even look at the stream anymore. I think I’m bored with the platform. So a question for myself, do I need/want Instagram? Do I want my web site to be the only place where I post my images?

6 thoughts on “Instagrammers

  1. While I find true that mainstream profiles always looks the same, you can agree with me – I think – in saying that this has always happened everywhere.
    You have to (or can !) dig in more than 1B accounts to find some special ppl, on some specific themes, to enjoy and delight (for example @symmetrybreakfast.

    If you don’t work for yourself, selecting what cames to you ‘table’ you’ll have always the cheapest and most common ‘food’. I know that time is limited, but no one orders us to be everywhere and follow everyone.

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