I don't wanna look like the borg

I wore the CGM for two weeks and have not worn it all this past week, because I am so frustrated that it works until I calibrate it and then it goes haywire.

That's how Karen D., a member of TuDiabetes ( a social network for people touched by diabetes ), started a discussion on her use of a CGMS.

A CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) is a device that measure blood glucose on a continuous basis at select intervals. The CGM consists of a sensor and receiver. The sensor is attached to the user at all times and transmits readings to a receiver via bluetooth technology similar to what is found in cell phone head sets. The sensor must be calibrated ( the issue that irritates most users ) by comparison with readings take with a conventional glucose meter.

The constant re-calibration is what I think frustrates most users. Karen felt that the machine was not reliable and she was constantly re-calibrating. I'll find out for myself soon enough. Tomorrow I plan to ask my endocrinologist to loan me a CGMS for trial.

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