Politics, religion, sports, bands — these are the tents under which we typically congregate. Allah, Judas Priest, the Cubs, sure. But smartphones? It seems sort of hard to believe that a graham cracker-sized computer that’s supposed to be a tool, a means to an end, could somehow deliver the same level of ecstatic experience. That it could be powerful enough to feel like a movement.The Verge

Some might consider me a fanboy of Apple products. Perhaps I am. Or perhaps I just like pointing out the factual inaccuracies I see on a lot of Apple-bashing web sites. Opinions are fine with me. Saying “I love product X because of feature Y” is stating an opinion. Stating that another product sucks because it does not have that feature is also just an opinion. But … saying that one product does something that another does not when clearly they both have the same feature, that’s disingenuous. It riles me up. Perhaps it shouldn’t.

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