Blue ring

As a treat for earning the Bronze, the leader of Kiran’s Girl Scout troop invite the girls and their parents to spend the day at their lake house near Lake Wallenpaupauck. It was very peaceful and while the kids did their thing I took the time to catch up on my reading. I also did a fair bit of walking around outside near the lake – taking photographs.

I read about a new product called the [Jawbone Up]( It’s a little blue ring that, like my Fitbit, measures the physical activity of the wearer. I bought my Fitbit just a few weeks ago but it already feels outdated compared to the Up. My Fitbit works well enough. It measures my activity even while I’m sleeping and transfers data wireless to a docking station connected to my iMac. That’s both a benefit and a limitation. The previous model, my wife has that one, required the user to connect the Fitbit to the dock to transfer information. I keep ,y Fitbit clipped to my belt during the day. I use a special wristband to store the Fitbit do that it can acquire information about my sleep cycle.

>The monitoring system focuses on three key health areas: Exercise and general activity; sleep amounts and sleep cycles; food tracking. (via [GigaOm](

The Up has similar features. The Up is a ring that the user wears as a bracelet. It’s always on. No need for a clip. The other cool thing is that it may come in various colors. I like that blue. But, the Up biggest selling point for me I this:

>Up uses a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack to transfer data to a complementary iPhone application.

Sweet! A bio sensor that can sync real time data to my iPhone and correlate that with up to date blood glucose readings and food?

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