Risk taking


I feel that my photography has become boring. I still enjoy capturing images but the results no longer delight me. I've played it safe; only doing things that I feel I'm good at. I look at the work on 500px and I think to myself, "Why didn't I think of doing that?"

It's time I started taking some risks. Perhaps I've been afraid that my images will be terrible if I try something I've never tried before. I think I am. But if I don't continue to try new things, to take risks, my photography will stagnate. My skills will remain at the level they are. I have to remind myself that I started taking photographs because I enjoyed the activity and I bought the DSLR because I wanted to learn how to produce better images.

I'm ready to make some changes. I'm ready to take some risks.

I've had Pixelmator for some time but never really used it except for minor layering altering. I have a photo shoot coming up - a martial arts event - and the client wants to do some work with a green screen. He loaned me the screen he has so I set it up in the basement and got my son to model for me. I used Pixelmator to remove the green background and layered the images of my son onto another background. I didn't do a stellar job. You can still see some of the green around the edges and the background is kind of lame. But I now know what I can do. I just need to hone my technique.

Where are you in your photography and how do you intend to grow?