Week 13: First Mug

A few years ago on Flickr I started following a California photographer and barista who posted a photo each day of his first cup of brewed coffee. For some reason he came to mind recently when I started using my new coffee grinder. I decided to take a photo of the first cup of coffee brewed in my new grinder. This will be my second photo and I'm not sure I'm starting some sort of new project but I'll continue taking photos -- maybe vary the scene a bit -- until I get bored with doing so.

The coffee is Tonx Quilanga De Loja, from the Fapecafes Cooperative in Ecuador. It's been sitting in a vacuüm sealed bag since February 10th. Not ideal I know but I wanted to use it with the new grinder and procrastination set in ... etc.

Incidental note: I took a look at dogmilque's blog and noted that he's got Tonx in his blogroll. Perhaps us coffee drinkers are geeks of a kind.

This is a three image (-2/0/+2) HDR processed in HDR Efex Pro 2.

Author: Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.