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2013 Project 52


Stone Structure

Stone House Duke Farms

I joined a friendly group of Somerset County photographers for an early morning walk around Duke Farms in Hillsboro. The early morning weather was cool, and the skies were clear. I met up in the parking lot with a large group of photographers from all over Somerset Country. I already knew a few people - like Terry Lyons - but the rest were strangers. Duke Farms is the former estate of Doris Duke, an American heiress, horticulturist, art collector, and…

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Experience Reports

Buy the Cup Ethiopia Yirgacheffe in Princeton

I like having "Live View" on my D5100. It's allowed me to get different perspectives with my camera. It was mostly rainy this week and without Live View, I would have avoided taking certain shots. Instead of lying down in the mud or wet grass I can place the camera low and use Live View to compose my image. The coffee is freshly brewed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from beans I bought on Monday in Rocky Hill at Buy the Cup. Roaster:…

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Sylvan Lake in Skillman New Jersey

Starting the job search after ten years with the same company can be mentally exhausting. I've spent time thinking about what should and shouldn’t be in my resume — searching online for work that matches my skills and interest. I've also been doing a lot of thinking about whether or not I want a full-time job or re-join the ranks of the freelancers. With so much going on, my mind was a jumble. I needed to clear the machine. I…

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Week 13: First Mug

Week 13 - First Mug

A few years ago on Flickr I started following a California photographer and barista who posted a photo each day of his first cup of brewed coffee. For some reason he came to mind recently when I started using my new coffee grinder. I decided to take a photo of the first cup of coffee brewed in my new grinder. This will be my second photo and I'm not sure I'm starting some sort of new project but I'll continue…

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