The iPad Is A Consumption Device

ignore the code: iPad: A Consumption Device, After All? by Lukas Mathis

Right now, for most of its users, the iPad is a consumption device. It’s not a PC replacement, and it’s not much better than a phone for gaming or watching movies or reading. That puts it into an awkward position. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s no reason the iPad couldn’t replace most PCs in people’s homes, and be better than those PCs at most tasks for which people currently use PCs. No reason — except for Apple’s lack of willingness to make the iPad into that device.

With the exception of the statement about the iPhone being better for watching movies or reading1, I agree with what Lukas has written. After a few years of using it as a productivity tool, I have started using it mostly for casual reading and minor photo editing.

  1. Most of the people making statement are young and have fracking idea how hard it is for someone over 40 to read the tiny text on an iPhone. No idea! 

Author: Khürt Williams

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