Productivity Addiction

Productivity Addiction (CJ Chilvers)
“I’m sorry if I got you hooked on productivity stuff. I think I was good at what I did. I think 43 Folders was a very good site and most of what I posted was pretty good. With that said, I did know that it was addictive. The exact kind of tick and personal deficit that leads you to need all of these lifehacks is same thing that’s going to keep you from ever knowing when to stop.” — Merlin Mann
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Productivity and Health

Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo takes a look at her work, life, capitalism, and redefining productivity. It's a short read, but I think it's food for thought. [exif id="26604"]

99% of people working as servants to the 1%

And so we’re trapped in an economy that has become all about efficiency — so much so that most of us now use the words “efficiency” and “productivity” interchangeably. Productivity is about “producing” not just actual, tangible things, but true, real, value-creating breakthroughs. But the most “efficient” company is just software running software. The most…