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Productivity Addiction

Productivity Addiction (CJ Chilvers)
“I’m sorry if I got you hooked on productivity stuff. I think I was good at what I did. I think 43 Folders was a very good site and most of what I posted was pretty good. With that said, I did know that it was addictive. The exact kind of tick and personal deficit that leads you to need all of these lifehacks is same thing that’s going to keep you from ever knowing when to stop.” — Merlin Mann

Productivity and Health

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The Way We Define Productivity Can Kill Us by Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo (SUPERYESMORE)
To illustrate the need for this complementary way of considering productivity, ask yourself the following questions: In deciding whether or not I’ve been productive, I now consider how fairly invisible actions or thoughts cause similarly abstract changes in my surroundings. This has been particularly noticeable to me in the way I manage my team. I often hear these kinds of complaints: I’ve not made anything today because I spent the day training someone else I don’t have time for a team activity because I need to be productive I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to because I was learning something new. Every day, I try to set the example that seemly idle activities can have incredible consequences. Recently, during a team retrospective meeting, we came to the joint conclusion that the biggest achievements we’ve made this year have been in learning to support each other. Helping one another, creating shared ideas, offering help, taking time to teach one another - all those things that are never seen on the pages of our wireframes, between the lines of our code, or in the gradients of our designs.
Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo takes a look at her work, life, capitalism, and redefining productivity. It's a short read, but I think it's food for thought. [exif id="26604"]

99% of people working as servants to the 1%

And so we’re trapped in an economy that has become all about efficiency — so much so that most of us now use the words “efficiency” and “productivity” interchangeably. Productivity is about “producing” not just actual, tangible things, but true, real, value-creating breakthroughs. But the most “efficient” company is just software running software. The most…