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U.S. Pipeline Disrupted by Ransomware Attack

U.S. Pipeline Disrupted by Ransomware Attack by Tara Seals

The attack took a gas compression facility offline for two days, disrupting the supply chain.

First failure, lack of network segmentation between the IT and OT networks. The attackers were able penetrate the IT portion of the facility’s network, and then move beyond that to eventually infiltrate the control and communication assets on the operational technology (OT) side of the house. Second failure: The facility admitted that its disaster recovery…

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Ford wants to data-mine it's 100 million customers

Ford Eyes Using Personal Data to Boost Profits by Tara SealsTara Seals

“We have 100 million people in vehicles today that are sitting in Ford blue-oval vehicles,” said Ford CEO Jim Hackett during a Freakonomics Radio podcast. “The issue in the vehicle, see, is: We already know and have data on our customers. By the way, we protect this securely; they trust us. We know what people make. How do we know that? It’s because they borrow money from us. And when you ask somebody what they make, we know where they work, you know. We know if they’re married. We know how long they’ve lived in their house because these are all on the credit applications. We’ve never ever been challenged on how we use that. And that’s the leverage we got here with the data.”

WTF! The USA needs GDPR style privacy laws now!

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