NIO EP9 Claims to be World’s Fastest Autonomous Electric Super Car

In Season 3 Episode 6 of the Grand Tour, I saw some aerial photography of one of China's largest/megalopolis cities and was introduced to the NIO EP9. The NIO EP9 is faster than most gasoline-powered supercars and cheaper than half of them. I am impressed and a bit concerned about how the USA will compete with China.

Jump to the link and be sure to watch the Circuit of America’s (the first US Formula 1 race track in decades) video to see how NIO has as combined AI with electric car technology to produce the world's fastest cryotocyber.

To paraphrase a well-known science fiction author:

The future is here, it’s just all in China.”

NIO EP9. Image © NIO.
NIO EP9. Image © NIO.