NIO EP9 Claims to be World’s Fastest Autonomous Electric Super Car

In Season 3 Episode 6 of the Grand Tour, I saw some aerial photography of one of China's largest/megalopolis cities and was introduced to the NIO EP9. The NIO EP9 is faster than most gasoline-powered supercars and cheaper than half of them. I am impressed and a bit concerned about how the USA will compete with China.

Jump to the link and be sure to watch the Circuit of America’s (the first US Formula 1 race track in decades) video to see how NIO has as combined AI with electric car technology to produce the world's fastest cryotocyber.

To paraphrase a well-known science fiction author:

The future is here, it’s just all in China.”

NIO EP9. Image © NIO.
NIO EP9. Image © NIO.

Differences between Tesla & Fisker

I invested a small amount in Tesla when the company went public. In the long term, the company's strategy will prove successful. Tesla, to me, is the auto industry equivalent of Apple. They produce well-engineered electric vehicles by beautiful design.

Back in 2008 the companies even shared a few things that were a little too close for comfort (Tesla at one point sued Fisker alleging that Fisker stole Tesla’s design ideas and trade secrets). So here’s 10 key differences between these two electric car makers.

Source earth2tech