>No company is perfect. No product is perfect. And no matter how hard he tried, Steve Jobs wasn’t perfect, either. However, unlike any other company, Apple strives for perfection in everything it produces. Apple is climbing a new mountain with several of its products, like the updated Maps app and Siri, and it’s going to encounter problems along the way. It would behoove us all to remember Apple slipped a few times on the way up several other mountains when Jobs led the way, too. ~ [Harry Marks](http://www.loopinsight.com/2012/10/15/perfection/)

When you aspire to be the best you will encounter two types of people. Those looking to tear you down, waiting for your every misstep so they can they can ridicule you. Those people are afraid you might succeed. Your success sheds light on their mediocrity.

There are others. These are the people who cheer you along and stick by you when you stumble and fall. Who are there to help you back up. They want you to succeed because your success gives them hope that the mountain can be climbed.

Thoughts on an Apple “Dividend”

The dividends Steve Jobs cared about were measured in human terms. He probably wanted to be in the room telling everyone about this particular initiative last fall, but it ended up not being possible. Whatever Apple announces, I hope it lives up to my, and his, expectations. It’s funny that (at least on my end) the more I get to understand Apple, the less those expectations are measured in gadget specs or monetary compensation.

Hmm ….