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Holder Hall

I walked around from the northern end of the Princeton University campus to the southern end. I parked on Moore Street, crossed Nassau Street, and headed south toward Thomas Sweets. I intended to do some street photography, but I lost my confidence. I walked through the parking lot toward Williams Street. I crossed Williams Street and walked the footpath back toward Scudder Plaza. I saw the bike in one of the Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building entrances. I liked the look…

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Reading List - Check cashing and bookstores, photographic process, hindered by the past

Is the ratio of bookstores to cash checking stores an indication of the quality of a neighbourhood? Check Cashing places are horrible, predatory establishments—often owned by big name banks, by the way—that feed off the misfortune of poor working people. And bookstores are for people who read for fun, a.k.a., “the rich” in today’s messed up world.Bookstores vs. Check Cashing Places Some thoughts from Olaf on the often-used (misused) term, "photographic process". To summarize, your emotions, happiness, sadness, peace or…

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