I sometimes suffer from bouts of vertigo. Not sure what brings it on, but it usually doesn't last more than a week. Except for a few years ago, just before I was diagnosed with LADA. Come to think of it, that was the first time I ever had vertigo. My regular physician thinks it's fluid in the ears from upper respiratory infections and colds. But I've had those in the past, before my Type 1 diabetes, and I never got vertigo. Perhaps it's age. My mother also gets bouts of vertigo, sometimes for weeks. I have a theory of my own. I notice that vertigo worsens when I drink a large amount of coffee. When I got vertigo this week, I quit drinking anything with caffeine, and the symptoms are slowly fading. Meanwhile, my hot beverage in the morning has been White tea.

Amy Tenderich asks "What about is LADA?"

This same thought has also been bouncing around my skull. I got Type 1/LADA diabetes late in life ( I was 39 when diagnosed ) and struggled to find resources to understand my disease.

Since I was diagnosed at the ripe old age of 37, I hanker for an organization that focuses on adults with Type 1. Where is the place for us? Other than here on the Internet, of course? There is no non-profit, advocacy organization, or annual conference for us LADA types. Or for children with Type 1 who've grown up to be adults with Type 1, for that matter.


On or about June 14th, 2006 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus; Type 1 diabetes. The doctors called it sudden onset diabetes. Yep, it sure was sudden.

I had been taking an antibiotic to treat an upper respiratory infection. The antibiotic, Levaquin, has some side effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Taste Problems
  • Dry Mouth

I was on Levaquin for 10 days so my symptoms were expected. I also lost a little weight..actually looking back it was a lot of weight but I chalked that up to not eating. After all my tongue had a bitter taste and I was not eating much. I was also drinking a lot of water. At least 80 ounces a day and making frequent (every 15 minutes) trips to the bathroom. My symptoms continued for another week before I finally decided to go see a doctor. Two days before that I was scheduled to donate blood. So I made my donation and after sucking down two glasses or apple juice and a bottle of Gatorade I made it back to my desk. Fifteen minutes later while finishing another trip to the men's room I felt woozy. I stumbled back to the nurses' station where I was given yet another glass of sweet apple juice. Afterwards, I went home because I was feeling very tired.

The next day I woke up feeling much more tired. Too tired to even get dressed for work. I asked my wife to take me to the doctor that day and not wait for the appointment that was booked.

As I said above: "On or about June 14th,2 006 I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus; Type 1 diabetes. The doctors called it sudden onset diabetes. Yep, it sure was sudden."