Snow on the ground

Early morning after the snowfall. I was on my way to an employer-hosted innovation conference. I realized I had time and opportunity to capture some images of Carnegie Lake from the Princeton side. I drove down Route 27 but I couldn't find my way into the parking area along the lake. The snow was deep and had not been ploughed. Fortunately, I could still get into the area near Eno Terra in Kingston. The snow wasn't as deep here. I got a few quick shots off before I had to leave.

I was both an attendee and a photographer at the event. I was one of four employees who volunteered. I used the best equipment I had -- my Nikon D40, kit lens, and a $20 flash diffuser. I sometimes feel inadequate when I see the photography equipment of others. I get that feeling of want that I often struggle to avoid. So here's what I want or put another way, what I think I need in my basic photography kit.

  • A new camera body capable of at least 10MP so that I sell my images on 500px.
  • a 24-70mmm f/2.8 ( or faster ) zoom lens (35mm equivalent). This would be my landscape and family photography lens.
  • 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. This would be my sport, street and nature photography lens.
  • A TTL flash unit.
  • A sturdy tripod with a ball head.

I'm not sure what camera body I want. I love the more compact form factor of the micro four-thirds format but I also want to retain an APS-C sensor. Time to make some money from this hobby so that I can pay for my "wants".

The image was post processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photomatix Pro. Photomatix Pro is used for HDR photography. I only had one image but I liked how the result produced by opening this single image and applying my filters.