Lunch at Eno Terra

We celebrated our 17th year of marriage earlier this month. We met in college and it took me almost a decade of courtship before my wife would agree to marry me. Most guys would have quit after a few years but I persisted because I was convinced she was the woman for me.

Last year our anniversary was on a Friday and we had lunch at Eno Terra, one of our favorite restaurants. I find that I prefer restaurant lunches over dinner. The restaurant portion sizes are more reasonable and the restaurants tends to be less busy and crowded. I can enjoy my meal and the company without rushing and feeling guilty because other patrons are waiting for a table. This year our anniversary fell on a Saturday. Eno Terra doesn't serve lunch on the weekends so we had our lunch the day before instead.







Eno Terra

Eno Terra is one of my favourite restaurants. My wife and I have celebrated our birthday's and anniversaries here. When my dad was in town visiting a few years ago, he told me he wanted Italian food. I took him here.

My D40 does not have auto-bracketing. I manually adjusted the shutter speed of each of the five shots that were combined to create this HDR. The images (+4,+2,0,-2,-4 EV) were merged in Photomatix Pro and post-processed in Adobe Lightroom 4. I used Snapheal to remove a power line from the sky.