Is the iPhone XR too big for my pockets?

On Apple’s web site, I compared the dimensions of my iPhone 7, the iPhone XR and XS. The iPhone XR is 0.5 inches taller and 0.34 inches wider than the iPhone 7. I had not realized that until yesterday during a text conversation with a friend. The cheaper iPhone XR has a less capable camera but is bigger. Before I upgrade I’ll visit an Apple Store to feel the new iPhones in my hand and how well they fits into pants pockets (dress slacks and jeans).

Austin Mann’s iPhone XS Camera Review

iphone xs camera review: zanzibar by Austin Mann

We’ve been slowly entering an exciting new era of “computational” photography where software continues to overcome previous limitations of hardware. The iPhone XS is capable of running 1 trillion operations per image, and while extremely powerful, I’m also keenly aware of the fact that we know less and less about what’s going on to capture our image.


A key part of the creative process and achieving one’s artistic vision is troubleshooting. In order to troubleshoot, one must understand what is actually happening and what is causing the problem.


With a traditional SLR camera, if my image was too bright, too dark, too soft, etc., I knew exactly what to change/tweak to get closer to my vision. Today, with cameras heavily relying on software, sometimes things happen that I just don’t understand. Perhaps the tones in the sky don’t look quite right, or a vertical pano isn’t in focus like I wish. The difference is, I don’t know WHY it doesn’t look the way I want it to, which means I don’t know what to tweak to fix it.


Of course, the upsides of computational photography far outweigh the downsides, and almost always the software helps me capture exactly what I want, but I’m curious about how this conversation will develop over the next few years and how Apple will explore new ways to facilitate artistic expression.

I think this is a thorough and fair review of the iPhone XS camera.

iPhone XS and XS Max Camera Reality Distortion Field

Roughly drafted impressions about Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ event by Riccardo Mori

Apple Special Event 0.
Let’s mention Steve Jobs right away. Some time ago I said to myself, “Rick, stop with the comparisons between Jobs’s Apple and Cook’s Apple. Let it go. You have to come to terms with it.” But at some unspecified point halfway the event, I realised just how bored I wa...