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Halide Technical Readout for iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has two cameras each of which is capable of basic photography.

The focal length information is in 35mm full-frame (FF) field-of-view (FOV) equivalent. The iPhones have a fixed aperture lens. The photographer has manual control of ISO and shutter speed only.

Halide Technical Readout for iPhone 7 — 2 October 2019

Is the iPhone XR too big for my pockets?

On Apple’s web site, I compared the dimensions of my iPhone 7, the iPhone XR and XS. The iPhone XR is 0.5 inches taller and 0.34 inches wider than the iPhone 7. I had not realized that until yesterday during a text conversation with a friend. The cheaper iPhone XR has a less capable camera but is bigger. Before I upgrade I’ll visit an Apple Store to feel the new iPhones in my hand and how well they fits into pants pockets (dress slacks and jeans).