The Green New Deal is a pipe dream, not a serious policy proposal (TheHill)

The GND represents the deficient economic thinking of a new generation of U.S. policymakers. There are much more cost-effective ways of dealing with greenhouse gases, including taxing carbon emissions and dealing with the growing pollution problems in rapidly developing countries such as China and India.


More broadly, the command-and-control implementation of the GND, in which over 50 percent of the economy would pass through the hands of government, would be the largest peacetime shift to a socialistic economy — and the largest drop in individual freedom — that any of us have seen in our lifetimes.

Trump's comment about South Africa is a reminder that race still matters (

Areas of life which whites monopolised are no longer all white. There are black and Asian professionals, corporate executives; even, as in the US and Ireland, the occasional head of government. This has created a sense of threat which emerged long before the 2008 crisis.

In India and Burma, two countries in which Muslims are the targets of violence, the economy cannot explain the enmity. In Africa, identity remains a core issue whatever the state of the economy.

In many societies, challenges by women to the power of men are also a huge identity issue. Violence against women seems strongest in societies where men feel their power is under threat. The economy is a side issue.