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Saturday Links — War, FireWire, Beoplay H9

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War mongering among some Christian clerics is polluting Christianity.

Christians have taught for two thousand years that our relationship to God and one another is based in love and restoration. Hate and destruction pollute our theology and divide us. Especially the hate and destruction our culture and its leaders endorse, and our obsession with power.Pastor Drew Downs

Fascinating account of the short history of FireWire.

The future looked bright. FireWire was faster and more versatile than the other new standard, USB, which had a paltry 12-megabits-a-second maximum speed that was mediated by CPU load (which meant real transfer speeds were somewhat slower). The technology had good buzz. It had even won an Emmy. It looked set to be in almost every new computer in a couple of years and had been latched onto by pro audio and video people. Hard-drive makers began transitioning from SCSI to FireWire for external drives. There was talk of putting it in cars, aerospace, home networks, digital TVs, and almost everywhere else we now see USB.

I think I want a set of these B&O Beoplay H9 over-the-ear headphones. Bluetooth 4.2, aptX, replaceable battery and audio quality are on my list of must haves. The recommendation was from twitter user Alex Hoffmann. In response to my post from last week, code-jedi, Hugo Dahl, recommended the Cowan E 7. Perhaps I’ll purchae them both on Amazon, try them out, and keep the set I like.

On the first day I brought them home my Fiancée ran off with the H9’s and burrowed into a corner. I wanted her opinion on them so I left her to it. When I came back later I found she had tears running down her face as she was staring out the window.

“Are you ok? What happened?” I thought for sure something was wrong, but she was literally crying at how good it sounded. “It’s like I’m hearing music for the first time again.” she told me later.Isaac Taylor

Saturday Links — War, FireWire, Beoplay H9 Khurt Williams black hiresdesktop copy 1

Saturday Links — War, FireWire, Beoplay H9 %name

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