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Wireless headphones recommendations, please.

  • Aperture—ƒ/5.6
  • Camera—NIKON D5100
  • Taken—28 April, 2015
  • Copyright—© 2015 Khürt Williams
  • Focal length—35mm
  • ISO—800
  • Shutter speed—1/60s

First, let me say that I understand and accept that Apple will not put a headphone jack back into the iPhone and will most likely eventually remove it from iPads and The Mac as well.

However, I also accept that shitty Bluetooth audio is the only solution. But when the Bluetooth headphone battery drains I am often left with only two choices; stop listening to music until the headphone battery is charged or go on a treasure hunt for the highly misplaced “pig tail” adapter that Apple included with the iPhone 7.

This morning while in the middle of a music inspired session at the keyboard — weekends are for server patching and Lightroom photo editing — the battery on the headphones dumped and I reached for the wired headphones wishing I had another set of charged headphones. And I realized I had a third option.

So … I welcome recommendations for quality wireless over the ear headphones. And NO! Beats do not count. I love my Grado Labs SR60‘s but I have used them less and less since I got the iPhone 7. Using the adapter is a PITA. I want something with the quality of the SR60 but … wireless. And I want to be able to charge the device while listening to music. And I want the option to go wired when I want to.
Wireless headphones recommendations, please., Khurt Williams black hiresdesktop copy 1