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I recently discovered the [Painteresque]( app while read a blog post on [PhotoJojo’s iPhoneography web site]( The web site had a listing of that site’s Top 3 Artistic Photo Filter apps for Android. The app had one feature; a filter then renders any image into a painting.

>This filter is based on a model of the eye developed to enable an artificial intelligence to see. We asked it to show us what it sees, and this is what came out. There is nothing to tweak–just select or snap a photo for Painteresque to revisualize, and a few seconds later the resulting image is ready to save.

For my first image I chose this photo I took just this weekend at the [Clinton Station Diner]( Not a great photo given the limited lighting in the diner and the fact that I had already had four cups of coffee that afternoon.

Painteresque is $1.99 in the [App Store]( and $2 in the [Android Market](

Painteresque, 20120214 091124

Fresh Coffee brewed every 20 minutes

This is the same photo after processing in Painteresque.

Painteresque, 20120214 090224

This is the same photo after processing in Paintereque.