Optical discs about to join floppy in death?

All of this should be fairly obvious when you think about the future: clearly optical discs and regular hard drives will die off eventually. But Apple appears to be moving aggressively to make it happen sooner rather than later. And it will make rival devices seem unnecessarily slow and bulky — perfect prey for a lion. via The Future Solidifies: OS X Lion Really Will Maul The CD (And All Other Discs).

After I wrote this blog post I realised that I rarely used the SuperDrive on my MacBook or iMac.  I don't burn discs with music and photos anymore.  My iPod Touch (and now iPhone) and a dock connector rendered obsolete the 6 disk CD player in my car.  Facebook and Flickr are much easier and quicker for sharing family and vacation photos with my far flung friends and family.  And with the iPhone camera sharing is instant.  No more waiting until I get back from vacation to compile a CD and mail it off to grandpa.  Grandpa can see it as soon as it happens.  I would be very pleased if Apple remove the optical drives from their products.  Let it go to the same grave as the floppy.

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