October 30th, 2011 – Unreal

October 30th, 2011   Unreal 20111030 NIKON D40 5043  HDR 920x611

It’s only October and we have just had our first major snow fall. It came down thick and heavy, sticking to everything including tree branches. Many of the tree branches in my neighborhood — including my own — could not take the weight of the snow and snapped. Our mini-van was trapped in the driveway as two broken branches lay across the entrance. We carefully shook the snow off the branches but we then we discovered another problem. The battery in the mini-van was exhausted. Fortunately she had parked facing the garage and I was able to jump-start her care with mine. Good thing too because we were without cell phone service and would not have been able to call AAA for help. I think the AT&T tower in the area must have either lost power or been damaged in the storm.

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