RSVPed Attending Jim Thorpe Photo Walk : Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk
I am looking forward to another Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk and returning to Jim Thorpe.

IndieWebCamp NYC

RSVPed Attending IndieWebCamp NYC
The importance of owning your data is getting more awareness. Yet we need to build both the technical and societal systems to ensure a free and open web for the future. We invite computer engineers, hackers, activists, teachers, students and journalist to this two day event. For computer science students, hackers, and engineers come together to help build tools that will allow everyone to take control of their data and own their own domain. The top engineers in the world attend IndieWebCamps.
This could be fun, although I'm not sure I can make both days.

RSVPed Attending How to celebrate IBD - International Beer Day
If you were thinking about spending International Beer Day by yourself, think again! Drinking beer may be the most important part of celebrating International Beer Day, but we’re pretty convinced that beer goes best with a little conversation. So drag your friends out to an IBD celebration or invite them into your home, but make sure you have some camaraderie to go with your brews.
Bhavana and I plan on celebrating at The Landing in Hillsborough.
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