Is It Censorship if I set the rules for what you can say in my house?

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Facebook is Censoring My Notes by Chris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)

I don’t post “notes” to Facebook often, but I’d noticed a few weeks ago that several pieces I’d published like this a while back were apparently unpublished by the platform. I hadn’t seen or heard anything from Facebook about them being unpublished or having issues, so I didn’t realize...

[exif id="35911"]

Chris, while I do not like that Facebook appears to be blocking or removing your content, in all fairness, it’s their platform and they set the rules. I am not surprised by this.

This is just another excellent example of why one shouldn’t trust third parties over which you have no control to publish your content on the web.


Guest to my home can no more claim censorship if I ask them from refraining to discuss a topic or ask them to leave because they say things I don't like.

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