Shaan and I built an iPad stand using his LEGO. | Sony DSC-W55 @ 6.3 mm | 0.025 sec | f/2.8 | ISO200

iPad Memories

I think Cory is a bit harsh. I've had every version of the iPad since my first iPad (3G) in April 2010, and it continues to be useful as a mid-way point (car) between my iMac (truck) and iPhone (bicycle). In fact, I had an iPad four years before I bought my first iPhone. While there are certain things that frustrate me about the iPadOS, most recently the insanity of gestures and multitasking, I love my iPad Pro and I expect I may always own one.


    1. There are "new" gestures to accomplish the same thing as was done with previous gestures. The newer iPad Pro and iPhones have no home button, hence the gestures are different when using an iPad with a TouchID button and when using one with FaceID. Additionally, there are new gestures to use multitasking features. The point is to make using these multitasking features easier and more intuitive. Technology is meant to serve humans.

  1. There is a group of hard core Apple geeks who won't be happy until the iPad becomes a touch screen Mac. I wrote about this on my site last week?:

    Most people who use iPads and any other type of computer will struggle to understand the criticisms, the iPad is something that excels at some jobs, that is most of what most people want most of the time. It just doesn't handle all of those things.

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