The first two days with my iPad

My iPad arrived just after noon On April 30th. I worked from home that day, ears keenly tuned to the sound of my doorbell chime. From my window seat I saw the Fedex truck pull up and ran to open the front door before the delivery man had time to ring the doorbell. My wife took a photo as I eagerly opened the box.

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The iPad has arrived!

I took the iPad out of the box and marveled at it’s sleek futuristic appearance. I turned it on and was instantly seduced by the attractive use interface. I immediately plugged it into my Mac mini and launched iTunes. I had already downloaded some iPad apps waiting to be installed. I also configured the iPad to sync my television shows, podcasts, my favorite playlists, and my Google Contacts. I knew that on Saturday my family would be joining me at a symposium and party to honor my retiring college physics professor, so I loaded on a copy of Harry Potter and A Night at the Museum.

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Movies on the iPad

Being a news junkie I launched my favorite news reader for the Mac ( and now also iPad ) – NetNewsWire. Reading blog postings via NetNewsWire is a killer app experience for me. I can quickly find a story that interests me, read an excerpt and with a quick tap of the headline, pull up the full article. Another quick tap and I can post a quick link to Twitter.

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NetNewsWire for iPad

My kids, friends and family entertained themselves with the iPad all Friday night. I recharged the iPad overnight and spent most of Saturday morning reading the news on the NPR and BBC apps. My kids got bored listening during the symposia ( us physics majors can be über geeky ) so I let them use the iPad. I think the iPad was in use for about 12 hours before the battery quit.

Sunday morning I decided to research some iPad accessories most of all screen cleaner. The iPad screen gets dirty very quickly. I also shopped around for a protective cover, a carrying case, and the iPad camera connection kit. I also wanted a stand for my desk to make watching television shows and movies easier. Google helped me find something a lot more interesting. Inspired by a photo I found on Flickr I borrowed my son’s Lego and built my own stand. I think it’s awesome.

The first two days with my iPad 4572225998 47dea8cb7a
This was inspired by another Lego stand I saw on Flickr. I borrowed my sons Lego.

Did you get an iPad? Which one? How are you using it? Drop a note in the comments and let me know.

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4 responses on “The first two days with my iPad”

  1. Wow now I can say a friend of mine has an iPad. Congratulations on your new toy. I like the Lego stand. Please bring it the next time you come to the LUG/IP Coffee Klatch so I can play with it.

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