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Retouching Old Photos (Daniel Brinneman)

If you have followed me on Instagram for a long time, you’ll see new photos being posted with old dates. I’m taking the photo-editing techniques I’ve learned since 2015 and starting from scratch with the original RAW file(s) and referencing my old photo’s finished appearance, with some of them, to match that similar feel and maybe some receive a new finish. Scroll down my Instagram feed today to put some of them into memory so when you see the retouch appear, you can appreciate the quality that a computer program gives RAW photos over the quality that a smartphone editor will provide. The old photos are removed from my Instagram feed. There is almost no comparison between the two finished photos except that they are derived from the same file. I’ve collaged two images below using Affinity Photo (my Photoshop alternative) so you can see the difference. Both finished images took about the same amount of time to edit, thirty minutes or more with several layers, no filters. The old photo (top) edited with Snapseed and the retouch (bottom) edited with Luminar.

I may do the same.

Author: Khürt Williams

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