I'm not so sure

ComputerWorld's Johnny Evans posted an article blog last week about supply rumours that the iPad 2.0 would have features that mimic some of those on the iPhone 4 namely video cameras and Retina Display but also a new connector.

The video phone feature likely means Apple will be fielding front and rear video cameras, most likely made by Omnivision, as recent reports claimed.

I sat an thought about this for a minute. Yes, one whole minute. What exactly would I do with a rear video camera on an iPad? It's too bulky to carry around as a photo or video camera. A front facing camera makes more sense but ... I don't see it catching on. Even now with the iPhone 4 I've made a total of two FaceTime calls.

The final slice of speculation from out of Apple's supply chain is one I've rejected until now -- that Apple will deploy mini-USB for connection and sync of the device.

I don't like the fact that I need a special connector to sync my iOS devices to a computer or to connect to my car audio. But the Apple Dock connector does have advantages. Will I be able to control a USB enable iDevice from my car stereo? Will I be able to display the currently playlist and artist/song infomation? Can USB carry video and adio out to a HDTV? Mostly likely not which means Apple would have to add an additional port (HDMI?). What would be far better is for Apple to leverage the Bluetooth feature of the iPad and work with hardware manufactures to build AD2P support into their products. Car audio manufacturers already do this. Then Apple could use mini-USB for syncing or better yet allow Wi-Fi sync.

I'm not sure we need this beefed-up just yet, but given AAPL's continued command of flash memory sales, by dint of it being the world's biggest flash customer, there's no reason not to anticipate a 128GB iPad -- though this would bite at the heels of the recently-introduced MacBook Air.

I'm sure there are people who want to carry their entire music and video collection with them but I bet it's only a few people.  I've never seen the need the needs to carry around days worth of music or video just in case I get bored.  With the bounty of magazine, news reader, and bookstore apps I just don't see the need.

Here are my un-informed predictions for the iPad 2.0:

  • It will have a front facing camera so that people with big shoulder muscles – it weight 1.5lbs – can do video chat.
  • It will be thinner and have glass all over. Like the iPhone 4.
  • It will use Bluetooth for connecting with car audio and other hardware devices.

I'm a fifty percent sure that I'm one hundred percent wrong.

Author:Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.