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Mt Foraker-Alaska

During cocktail hour at a fishing lodge in Alaska I noticed this wonderful scene. I put down my manhattan and went for my camera and tripod. Mt. Denali is just out of the frame to the right. The light on it was not good so it didn't make the cut into my photo. Mt. Foraker, the tallest one on the right at 17,400 feet, is almost as tall as Denali, very impressive, but doesn't get the notoriety that Denali does. I mean, we've all heard of Denali/McKinley but who has ever heard of Foraker? I guess all those magnificent peaks around Mt. Everest also get the "not as good as" treatment.

Anyway it's a pretty scene with the low clouds/fog swirling at the base of the mountains. By the way, the photography here was a lot better than the fishing. It's my first time to Alaska where I could actually complain about the fishing. Usually I can bring home enough salmon to feed me for the winter until fishing season rolls around the following Summer. Fishing was so bad here that we called a bush plane to get us early and flew down to the Kenai river where the Coho were plentiful. In Alaska, bush planes are like taxi cabs.

Author: Khürt Williams

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