Fill the Frame

The challenge is to fill the frame of the camera with one colour. After some thought, I decided that that meant that I should focus on textures. I could fill my camera frame with a flower, but that would mean a trip to the grocery store or florist. I walked around my backyard looking for monochromatic surfaces that had interesting textures. I explored the surface of my weather-worn deck as well as a tree stump in the yard. I am not happy with the results.

This is a photo of a patch of winter grass in the back yard.

Using Fill the Frame is a great way to isolate your subject and create interest in your photo. Can you do it with only one colour in the frame? Fill the Frame with one colour.

Image submitted in response to Dogwood Photography’s annual 52-week photography challenge.

Author: Khürt Williams

Khürt is a human, an information security pro, a casual photographer, a nature lover, and a lifelong learner who drinks beer.

2 thoughts on “Fill the Frame”

  1. brenda says:

    As I spent some time with your image, I began to see how the various steams created lines and suggested forms. So I found myself wondering why I didn’t spend time imagining and setting up a scene with various items of the same color. Thank you for helping me expand my understanding of this photo challenge.

    1. I admit, this challenge was “challenging”.

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