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Duke Farms

Despite severe allergies and feeling tired from another photo event the previous day, I decided to join a group of photographers for a walk through the Duke Farms estate in Hillsborough. I popped one Zyrtec one Singulair, squeezed a mist of Nasonex in each nostril and drove the ten minutes to the estate. Once again, I met with Ed and Prasanna, our leader Loren, and a few other people from my last photo walk.

The first stop along the path was the waterfall feature. On the last photo walk, Ed and Loren had talked to me about Neutral Density filters. I learned that an ND filter is essential for creating that creamy white water look in photographs of waterfalls and rivers. After some online research I purchased a Hoya 55mm Neutral Density ND-400 X, 9 Stop Multi-Coated Glass Filter from B&H to use on my Nikon 18-55mm f/5.6 lens. I used it for the first time today. What do you think of the result (above)? With some trial and error, I took a 20-second exposure of the waterfall at f/22.


Above is a closer crop of the image.


I didn’t take many photos on this photo walk. I had too much fun being outdoors and enjoying the company of other photogs. Perhaps I’ll come back in a few weeks when the trees have more flowers.


Some images were post-processed in Silver Efx Pro and Color Efx Pro.


Author: Khürt Williams

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3 thoughts on “Duke Farms”

  1. Nice job on the long exposure. If we weren't trying to tag along with the rest of the pack we could have stayed there a little longer to work on the calculations to see if we could fine tune the exposure a little better. But I think that one came out nice and "whispy". That was starter water fall. Now comes the bigger falls and the potential for even better looking creaminess. And it wasn't that expensive to invest in a ND filter either.

    1. Thanks Ed. It was quite exciting trying something new. It rained today so maybe I'll have a chance to try my technique this weekend near the Sourlands.

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