Dog Walker in Van Horne Park

An early morning walk in Van Horne Park led to a serendipitous photo of a woman and her dogs.

Each day during the late Fall, I enjoyed early morning walks around my neighbourhood. However, one Saturday, after I dropped Shaan off to work at the Montgomery Farmers Market, I decided to walk around Van Horne Park instead of driving home.

As I started on the trail, I was attracted to how the morning sunlight backlit the trees, forming interesting shadows. As my cold hands fiddled with the controls on the Halide camera app, a woman walking three dogs appeared from the other direction. I finished fiddling with the camera settings and photographed her and her dogs as they walked toward me.

It was a serendipitous moment, capturing the spirit of that beautiful crisp morning in Van Horne Park.

Author: Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.

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