Dissonance is exhausting

Author: Khürt Williams

a human, an application security architect, avid photographer, nature lover, and formula 1 fan who drinks beer.

3 thoughts on “Dissonance is exhausting”

  1. To me dissonance is noise, just not the right kind of noise. It's loud and unsettling. It's odd in a way that I suspect most people find it almost deafening. What's laughable to me is wishing we were allowed to be in somebody's presence only because it's not allowed, right now. Once this bleep in time is all over, I'll be interested in knowing whether social interaction increases, resumes as it was (sort of), or it just gets kicked to the curb, this time, by choice.

    1. The social interactions were what I missed immediately. My wife’s two sisters and her mother live our town. We saw them reguarly for Sunday dinners. During "normal times" I worked from home two days a week and every week had lunch with a friend. I was active in photography groups.

      1. Miss it yes. Lose it no. The world’s gonna need people just like you when this is over. Social butterflies ? expand everyone’s consciousness. Never were we ever meant to be without each other. Stay Safe. Stay healthy!

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