Cloudy Days

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I knew it was supposed to be cloudy today but I didn’t expect this. We had 100% cloud cover in this one section of New Jersey. Cloudy days provide subdued lighting; the kind one would get from a soft-box. It’s can be quite useful for portraiture.

However today I would not have the opportunity for portraiture. The area where I work is not a good place for street photography of strangers. I’d likely get mugged and have my camera stolen.

This morning when I realized that I might not see the sun at all today, I did some research on Google. I found an article with some ideas on what I might do with the challenge nature presented to me today.

Colonial Lake in Lawrenceville, New Jersey is about 10 minutes from my office building in Ewing.

I made the best of the time, place and weather I had. I think the weather tomorrow is similar. I’ll have to think of something new.

Day 3 of The 100 Day Project. Check out yesterday’s photo.

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