Checked in at The Waterfront.

This morning the NJT train from Princeton Junction was packed and after walking between a few cars I was not able to secure a seat. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have Graves’ disease, which weakens muscle tissue. Standing while being rocked back and forth for an unpleasant forty minutes, my shoulders hurt by the end of the trip.

New Jersey transit put the train on the outer track, so that arriving passengers were on the far side of the platform from the PATH train to the World Trade Center. Walking around to the other platform took some time and I missed the quick transfer for the train to Exchange Place. I got on the next train and somehow secured a seat.

In the past few weeks that I have used the PATH I have not once had a seat. But I was lucky today. I got one right away. This particular seat just happened to be the one in front of which the man in the suit with a cough choose to stand. He apparently has the health knowledge of a child. He coughed on me the entire ride. Wear a mask! I can't wait to get home tonight for a shower.

Arriving at Exchange Place, I decided to take a more leisurely walk to the ferry terminal. I don’t like the commute but I’m trying to make the best of it. It only takes a few seconds to stop and take a snapshot.

I'm also using the commute as an opportunity to scout the location. Next month I'll be here for a Saturday evening field trip with the Princeton Photo Workshop.

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