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The month of May was mostly wet and my social calendar was packed. I forgot about the changing seasons challenge. I looked at my Lightroom catalogue for May and realised that, with the exception of my camping trip, I had spent very little time outdoors. However, may was hectic and it rained a lot. A lot. I do most of my photography on the weekend when I have time away from the office. In May, it seemed to rain every weekend. And not short drizzly rain. It rained thunderous buckets.

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This morning on the way to work I stopped in Kingston at the D&R Canal Trail. I was determined to get at least one outdoor shot indicative of what the weather in May has been. It was raining and I could hear the rush of water from the Kingston Lock. It has rained so much that the path that my wife and I walked last summer, up past the old mill toward the Carnegie Lake dam was completely under water.

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I followed the water to the old Route 27 bridge. What was once a small stream now looked like a rushing river.

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Even the "beach" that was just under the new Route 27 bridge was overwhelmed. I could not see the pebbles and rocks that the turtles used to lay on to warm their bodies in the sun. It was all underwater.

I attended an engagement ceremony between my wife's little cousin Neha and her fiance, Jeremy. I've known Neha since she about four years old. Jeremy, I've known for just over a year. I'm quite excited. Indian weddings are overwhelming and colourful and full of spectacle. Jeremy is Jewish and Neha is Hindu. This will be my first time attending a Hinjew wedding. The wedding is next year.

Engagement Neha Jeremy
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So what else did I do in May? I attend my first every motorsport event; the World of Outlaws event in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Noisy. And dusty. And very much fun. Culturally, this was a different experience for me. This was the "other America". The one where almost everyone I saw was overweight, loved t-shirts and baseball caps, hated sleeves, and chain smoked.

I also had the chance to watch vintage jalopy cars race around a dirt track at 20 mph.

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And follow the Memorial Day Parade through the streets and parks of Princeton.

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The Changing Seasons Monthly Photo Challenge is a blogging challenge by photographer Max a.k.a Cardinal Guzman. Each month I will post a photo that I think represents the month.

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