Montgomery Township, New Jersey

An apology

It was bound to happen sooner or later. One of my posts offended someone. To be proper I insulted them. I wrote an invective piece in response to an article by Giles Slade, a writer for Mother Jones. I called him an idiot. Well….. Giles, I apologize. I went too far. Instead of criticizing your article and disagreeng in an intelligent way I attacked you, a person I do not know.

Perhaps Tim O’Reilly is correct. Perhaps we do need a Blogger Code of Conduct. And I should sign it and abide by it.

The art of invective resembles the art of boxing. Very few fights are won with the straight left. It is too obvious, and it can be too easily countered. — Gilbert Highet (1906-1978), Scottish-born U.S. biographer, critic, educator.

An apology %name

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