How to install Kubuntu Linux Feisty Fawn in OS X using Parallels

I have been trying for several weeks to install various distros under Parallels Desktop to Mac. I use Red Hat Enterpise Server at work and I like to keep tabs on what is happening in the Linux desktp space. I had no problems installing Red Hat, Fedora and Windows in Parallels. I wanted to try out Ubuntu and openSuSe; two distros that appear to be getting a lot of press for ease of use and “good looks”. However, installing either one under Parallels resulted in a blank screen. Using the directions at this web site I was able to get Kubuntu Linux 7.0.4 (Feisty Fawn) installed and running in Parallels on my MacBook.

How to install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn in OS X using Parallels – a complete walkthrough – Simplehelp

This tutorial is for anyone with an Intel based Mac who is curious about Linux – specifically Ubuntu, and has about an hour to kill not including the time it takes to download Ubuntu.

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3 responses on “How to install Kubuntu Linux Feisty Fawn in OS X using Parallels”

  1. You where successful in installing redhat, what did you do to finish installing the second disk? I keep getting an error(xscreensaver). I would mention exactly but I just closed down parallels.

  2. Rory,
    I also have had no success mounting USB storage devices to Ubuntu running under Parallels. I did not have an issue with Windows XP and USB devices under Parallels. One more reason why Linux remains a server and development platform for me.

  3. Hi there

    I just installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron under Parallels Desktop 3 for Mac on my Macbook (Intel Core Duo) running Leopard. Everything works fine BUT I cannot see any devices. I am a relative newbie, but I cannot share any disks or even see a USB disk in Ubuntu. The USB device is attached and it prompts me when I attach the external HD, but Ubuntu cannot see it. Help?

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