Adding to the Commons

If your art happens to make money, then it’s all gravy. But don’t try too hard to make money. That’s just plain annoying. Give everything away creative commons non commercial, and hardcore fans and other businesses will find a way to reward you. ~ via Trey Ratcliff

I found this quote by Trey Radcliff via Jorge Quinteros' photoblog. When I first started putting my photographs online I was concerned that other people would steal and use my photo. I started off on Flickr with the most restrictive license. But something was bothering me by the whole licensing thing. It just didn't seem right that I was locking my art, as bad as it was, behind a license. I felt that if my photos could bring joy or be useful to others I wanted them to be able to use them in other creative ways. So, I made the decision to release all my non-people images ( I don't often have people sign releases ) under the Creative Commons Attribution license. If someone wants to use my photos in a news article or blog post. Go right ahead. If you want do download and frame it and hang it on the wall of your home or place of business. Go right ahead. I'm not in the business of selling photography but if someone wants to buy a print. They can. But if you decide to use my photo in some other way just make sure to let everyone know who took that photo.